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Main Floor in Arden, NC

Baity’s Precision Machining was founded in 1981 by William Baity, a master machinist with over 25 years experience with firms such as Northrop Grumman. Bill holds 3 U.S. Patents for products and process improvements.

2016 is our 35th year of service to our customers. We currently ship to 10 different states.

Bill’s vision was to create a small-to-medium sized, technologically advanced team which utilized highly trained and experienced personnel, combined with the most modern equipment, to rapidly produce customer requirements as economically as possible to their specifications. Initially, BPM started as a rapid-prototyping customer research & development shop, and we have retained that division.

Baity’s Today

We specialize in precision, high-tech machining of new & replacement parts for a variety of industries, including: high speed packaging, medical device components, transportation, machinery builders, polymer textiles, chemicals, gas & flow control valves, etc. The majority of our business is based on long-term relationships with premier manufacturers, most of which have been customers for over 20 years.

We work on all materials including: mild steel, tool steel, all red metals (brass, bronze, etc.), stainless, specialty metals, plastics, nylons, UHMV, Delrin, and many other materials.

Our shop is very modern, spotlessly clean and possesses a balanced mix of newer CNC Vertical Machining Centers, CNC Horizontal Machining Centers, CNC Swiss Screw machines, CNC-Lathes, and other advanced equipment.

We are located in a 20,000 square-foot building in Western North Carolina.

Our machinists are highly trained and experienced, with an average of over 10 years service and 15 years of machining experience.

Over the course of 3 moves, and plant expansions, we’ve increased our floor space approximately 10 times, and now have dedicated shops for precision grinding, fabrication and machinery building, Auto CAD engineering, production machining and R&D prototyping.


Continuing Bill’s Vision

Our Western North Carolina home in Arden

We have a complete manual machine shop for R&D work, smaller orders, and rapid-response prototyping.

We also have extensive stock and release programs, just in time shipping, and program management capabilities. For a variety of these programs, we also perform assembly and sub-assembly work.

We have a complete quality assurance department with extensive quality assurance checking equipment. A strategic alliance with a long-term partner provides us access, on an as needed basis, to a new Brown & Sharpe Global Performance CMM machine. We are presently working on ISO certification.

Over the last 10 years, we have grown our engineering and fabrication department which is devoted to design and build of custom, automated machinery and equipment. Our equipment is custom designed, utilizing off-the-shelf components and specialized machining to create equipment rapidly and at economical cost which results in significant labor savings and/or quality assurance improvements for our customers.

This division is part of our Continuous Improvement initiatives for a significant number of long-term customers. These contracts have produced equipment which offers rapid pay back and has saved our customers hundreds of thousands of dollars.

This expertise, somewhat unique in the production machining industry, has greatly assisted our customers in decreasing their production costs, improving their efficiency, and frequently results in reduced mass production parts supply cost to these customers.

Our reputation for innovation, rapid response, on-time deliveries, and excellent quality assurance has been well earned over the years.

Bill and his wife Carolyn have recently retired and are currently Co-Chairman Emeritus. They are also part time consultants to the company.

In response, our middle & upper management teams have been strengthened by new personnel additions in Sales, Technology, and Administration.

Board of directors

  • Consultant


  • Darrell


  • Mark


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